December 2015 archive

You Should Update Game Consoles Before Christmas

The last thing you want on Christmas Day is for your kids to be unable to play the game console they’ve waited so long to enjoy. For young kids setting up the console in advance is a sure win. They’re young, they’re super excited to play with their new game console, and they likely don’t …

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How does a computer get infected with a virus or spyware?

There are dozens of ways a computer can become infected with spyware, viruses, and other malware. Below is a list of methods of how your computer can become infected. I’ve made this list in the order I believe to be most to least common. Accepting without reading By far one of the most common ways …

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Coming Soon

  A new podcast, to start up where Biebs Bytes left off, we will be talking all things tech, gaming, and what ever floats our boat. Carver will be back among others.

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